Residential Housing Reimbursement Programs

Below are the two programs available under Fairlawn City Code Chapter 291 Residential Housing Assistance Board:

Residential Housing Reimbursement Program
Residential Housing Rehabilitation Financial Assistance Program
  • This program allows eligible residents to apply for reimbursement after the installation of specific water control devices which are intended to prevent stormwater or wastewater flooding.
  • Eligible residents may also receive reimbursement after installation and receiving inspection approval from a licensed electrician for the installation of electrical panels, wiring, or other electrical equipment which was recommended due to safety concerns.
  • This program allows eligible residents to receive rehabilitation assistance through 0% or low-interest loans offered to low-income owners/occupants of single-family residences in the City of Fairlawn.
  • The items that qualify for assistance are as follows: roofs, exterior painting, gutters, exterior siding, windows, sidewalk, driveway, garage door, and/or structural integrity.