Residential Deck Inspection Program

The City of Fairlawn has established a voluntary Deck Safety Inspection program in order to provide a valuable service to the residents of the City. Upon request, City building inspectors will conduct an inspection of existing residential decks in order to determine the overall structural integrity of the deck.

If any deficiencies of the structure are found, a written report will be provided to the property owner so that they may use that as a guide for making repairs to the deficient components of the structure. Items that will be inspected include, but are not limited to, deck ledger connection to the house, handrails, presence of any rotted or damaged wood members, proper size and span of frame members, and any tripping hazards.

Residential Deck Safety Inspection Program-2016.jpg

(Home in this picture is not a Fairlawn residence)

By establishing this program, it is the City's hope to eliminate hazards to the homeowner and their guests that are caused by deck collapse. It is estimated that nationally, between 2000 and 2006, at least 30 deaths have been reported as a direct result of deck collapse and more than 75% of people on a deck when it collapses are injured. With this in mind, the City is able to offer this unique program at no charge to residents. (Please note that this does not include new structures which still require a building permit.) Although this program is voluntary, it is the hope of the City's Building Department that all homeowners with existing decks will request an inspection.

Application (PDF)