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Posted on: December 14, 2020


Complete the form below and submit - it will be emailed to the Service Department and processed.  Only one submittal per household PLEASE.  If you have more than one vehicle registered at the same address, please combine them all on one submittal form under one homeowner's (or renter's) name.  Make sure you have your vehicle registration when completing the form to make sure you are entering plate numbers correctly.  

Decals will be mailed to the residents and you are asked to affix it to your windshield (passenger side near the dashboard) when you receive them. If you are receiving more than one decal, please make sure you read the envelope and attach the decal to the correct vehicle as they are vehicle specific and will be scanned on a regular basis by the compactor monitors.

This form is ONLY for first time registrations.  If you need to change a vehicle or report a change of plate number, you will need to contact the Service Department at 330-668-9550 to obtain the proper form to report any changes.  

Should you have any questions regarding compactor registration, please contact the Service Department at 330-668-9550.

Registration Form

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