In 1958, a group of interested citizens decided to incorporate their area into a Village -- known as Fairlawn Village. They felt it would be the best way to solve problems and provide necessary improvements for the growing community.

The first part-time government headed by the first elected mayor, Joseph Poticny, instituted necessary control and planning.

Two Major Accomplishments

Two major accomplishments marked the life of the Village. It fought off the westward extension of the Akron expressway, I-77, which threatened to bisect the community. A southern alternate route was proposed by Village officials and was eventually used by the State.

The other successful program was the ambitious aim to have concrete paving throughout the Village. During a period of four years, a total of 16 miles of roads were paved.


The 1970's census put Fairlawn's population at 6,200 and eligible for city-hood. A special election in July of 1971 was held and the Charter form of government was chosen for the now official City of Fairlawn.

Plans were also considered for the building of a new city hall to house police, tax offices, city officials' offices and meeting rooms. The Municipal Complex, as it was named, was financed with income tax revenue, and completed in December of '71, with the mortgage burning ceremony taking place in May of '73.

Residential & Commercial Development

The ensuing years saw tremendous residential and commercial development. With careful planning, our city was able to maintain that balance of residential and commercial growth over the years, yet still keeping that "quality of life" our residents demand. Along with this growth came the expansion of all city services and the long-range planning for the health and welfare of our citizens and business partners.


Today, the city shines like a star. Fairlawn continues to explore new ideas and possibilities to improve and preserve the fine qualities of the community.

Fairlawn has become a bright example among progressive communities -- a star that truly shows its brilliance each and every day.